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Metric system

The history of the metric system, in a poem On a planet with thousands of languages,Communication can soon fall apart.But when it comes to measuring all things,We can all agree for the most part. The Metric system, established in France,Was designed to measure things rationally,It was such a tremendous idea,That it’s now recognised internationally. A…


I sent out the invitations to my 21st birthday way ahead of time.  My birthday is the most common birthday in New Zealand.  Gotta get everyone’s RSVP before all the other late September birthdays swoop in!!  I lived in a flat of 5 and 4 of us had our birthdays within the same 10 days.…

Weeks in a month

This post is inspired by all the times I have heard/read a person say/post the following: Without exception, their logic is as follows: Pregnancy is 40 weeks long There are 4 weeks in a month 40/4 = 10 months. The ‘four weeks is a month’ idea is safe to use in small amounts, but disastrous…

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